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Kashmir- Paradise On Earth


Nestled high in the Himalayan mountain range and amid endless rolling hills of evergreen forests, Kashmir provides one of the most relaxing and spiritual journeys that we offer to our guests.

Based heavily on Tibetan Buddhist practices, the Bhutanese way of life exudes calm and peace as one visits this ancient Kingdom in the clouds.

One can explore the many Dzongs (fortress monasteries) located throughout the countryside as your guide and driver show you the serene landscapes of lush valleys and dramatic mountains.

Stop and view the colorfully dressed monks as they celebrate their cherished and sacred rites at local monasteries.

Or embark on your own personal quest to commune with the peaceful energy as you spin the carved prayer wheels and listen to the gently flapping prayer flags as the fragrant incense wafts past you in the breeze.
Most tours through Kashmir vary from three to twelve days but you can always customize your adventure to suit your wishes. Spring and autumn are always the best time to visit Kashmir , so contact us to make your dream a reality in the beautiful land of happiness.

  • Kahmir-The Heaven

    Kahmir-The Heaven
  • Beautiful Kashmir

    Beautiful Kashmir
  • Kashmir -Hill Station

    Kashmir -Hill Station
  • Kashmir -Honeymoon Destination

    Kashmir -Honeymoon Destination
  • Amazing Kashmir

    Amazing Kashmir
  • Kashmir-Beauty Beyond Limit

    Kashmir-Beauty Beyond Limit